Tower Rental and Service

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Target Your Towers With A Simple, Cost-Saving Solution

Turris maintains a massive network of communication towers. Pinpoint your needs and rent the towers to boost connectivity without a capital investment. Broadcasters, cellular and internet providers, public safety agencies, and other enterprises can reduce “time to air” by as much as 50 percent with this turnkey approach.

  • Simple, our towers are in place and ready for your use. It’s hassle-free and convenient.
  • Fast, expedite your “time to air” by as much as 50% when you use our existing towers and system design expertise.
  • Cost-saving, preserve your capital by renting our tower space, and even the equipment and systems, as needed. You save on the equipment and operating costs.
  • Flexible, get the equipment you need, when and as long as you need it. Installation, modification, and site location are available for short- or long-term leases.

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Click here to browse our map of tower sites to see how far you can go. See below for our list of tower sites or click here if you would like to see our list of affiliated sites.

Large and extensive across Canada

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Browse our map of tower sites and list of sites to see how far you can go.