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Expedite Response With A More Powerful Communication Network

Your community is a complex network of people and places. From 9-1-1 dispatchers to first responders to public works crews, reliable communication is critical to protecting them all, every minute of every day. We have invested more than 50 years in providing public safety and government agencies with safe, secure, and reliable communication systems, like our PushPlus Network, two-way radios, and WLAN.

  • Fire and Emergency Services. Using advanced technology from leaders like Motorola Solutions, Icom, and Harris, we can customize an efficient, effective communication system with:
    • Simulcast transmissions to instantly notify all firefighters and EMS personnel
    • Extensive tower network with broad, two-way radio coverage
    • Separate tactical channel
    • Automated call recording
    • Flexible solutions to meet specific needs and budget
  • Public Works. Managing a crew across a vast area demands a strong communication network with optimum voice quality and radio coverage. We go even farther, with:
    • In-vehicle and portable radios
    • GPS location tracking
    • Comprehensive urban and rural radio coverage
    • Centralized call dispatch with optional recording
  • Two-way radios provide a compact, easy-to-use solution that keeps your mobile workforce connected.
  • RFID gives your operation fast, easy access to data so you can more efficiently track your assets across the supply chain.
  • PushPlus digital network provides the best coverage in eastern Ontario and western Quebec, and is the largest, single operator-owned ConnectPlus network in North America.
  • Mobile computing solutions enable your staff to access data in real-time, wherever they are, in a secure environment.
  • WLAN products and services from Turris Communications ensure a robust network that keeps up with your continually growing demand for connectivity.
  • Mobile service brings our expertise to you, for equipment installation, service, and maintenance in the field.

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The Town of Hawkesbury connects 23 fire stations with our 24/7/365 support

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