Manufacturing employees talking on Motorola two-way radios

Maximize Efficiencies With Mobile Voice And Data Solutions

With the increased competition in today’s global marketplace, manufacturing operations need to maximize operational efficiency, which means boosting communication, productivity, accuracy, and access to real-time data. Turris Communications specializes in technology solutions to help you remain profitable and competitive.

  • Two-way radios provide a compact, easy-to-use solution for quick response anywhere across your operation.
  • RFID gives your operation fast, easy access to data so you can more efficiently track your assets across the supply chain.
  • PushPlus digital network provides the best coverage in eastern Ontario and western Quebec, and is the largest, single operator-owned ConnectPlus network in North America.
  • Mobile computing solutions enable your staff to access data in real-time, wherever they are, in a secure environment.
  • WLAN products and services from Turris Communications ensure a robust network that keeps up with your continually growing demand for connectivity.

Don’t postpone a shift to better mobile communications. Talk to us today to get started on greater productivity, efficiency, and profitability.


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