Customers Speak

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Testimonials From Our Customers

At Turris Communications we are committed to delivering the best possible experience for our customers. From the reliability, quality and economics of our product solutions, to the service and support we deliver, our goal is your complete satisfaction. Here’s what just a few of our customers have to say.

EY Centre logo

“Being responsive to our customers’ needs requires coordination and instant communication to ensure their events run smoothly. To ensure we can react quickly when needed, we turned to a two-way radio solution from Christie Walther Communications (now known as Turris Communications). We got top notch equipment, the flexibility we need to meet our event driven schedule, and our customers get great service.”

– Greg Giek, Operations Manager, CE Centre

CTM Sweeping company logo

“We have relied on Christie Walther Communications (now known as Turris Communications) for our two-way radio solutions for over 20 years. Their products and their exceptional service has never let us down. That’s why we chose them again when we upgraded to our new digital MOTOTRBO™ radio system with GPS capability. Combining instant communication with real-time GPS-based location monitoring lets us maximize fleet productivity and boost operational performance.”

– Todd Villeneuve, President, CTM Sweeping Co.

Town of Hawkesbury logo

“Instant, reliable group communication is important not only for public safety but also the safety of our first responders. Our two-way radio solution from Christie Walther Communications (now known as Turris Communications) has enhanced public safety by improving resource coordination and reducing response times. Communicating real-time situational updates helps minimize the risk to our courageous first responders.”

– Ghislain Pigeon, Chief, Hawkesbury Fire

Lanark County Logo

“Christie Walther Communications (now known as Turris Communications) provided a direct, simple and clear response to our requirements with an innovative, practical solution that improved the technical capabilities of our fire communications system beyond our expectations.”

– Peter Wagland, CAO, Lanark County

County of Renfrew Logo

“For over 15 years our dispatch and paging communications system has been maintained by Christie Walther Communications (now known as Turris Communications) to ensure instant, county-wide, mission critical fire and emergency response communications.The system has ensured timely responsiveness to enhance public safety and helped reduce costs to deliver fire emergency services to 18 municipalities over an area of approximately 7,645 square kilometres.”

– Steven P. Boland, Manager of Operations, Public Works & Engineering Dept.

carls waste service Logo

“Fulfilling our ‘same day quality service’ commitment requires coordination and instant communication. We have met that need with two-way radio solutions from Christie Walther Communications (now known as Turris Communications) for over 20 years. Upgrading to their digital network, using Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO™ professional digital radio platform, was the logical next step and opens a host of new digital and data applications we can leverage now and in the future.”

– Dan Meagher, Vice President, Carl’s Waste Services